Services Acm Engineering

At ACM Engineering we are experts in the design and construction of high productivity and technological machinery and equipment for industry.
Our services also involve customer support, assisting our customers at every stage: from project development to implementation.
We also provide technical assistance on installation and for proper maintenance and continuous efficiency. In order to ensure low operating costs and maximum production yield.
At ACM we guarantee an efficient spare parts service and technical support for all our fully automatic machines for cotton pads, for spunlace machines and all other equipment designed by us. Our customer service, with all our experience and professionalism, provides scheduled maintenance, technical repairs, revisions, updates and personnel training services.
ACM spare parts have always been synonymous with high quality construction and are distinguished by low costs, guaranteeing our customers extremely high profitability throughout the lifecycle of all our machinery and equipment.
Competence, professionalism and experience are essential factors where efficiency and business development are concerned. At ACM Engineering we are experts in mechanical engineering and automation and passionate about our work, which is why we design and build industrial production plants and machinery to the highest quality standards.

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